Compliance, Plumbing and Masonry

23 Mar 2022

Arbour seating 

Arbour seating designed and built for an elderly client who just wants to escape into her garden. We hope she appreciates the matching planter that can also double as a ice bucket in the summer 

5 Apr 2022

Complete garden shrub, trees and path removal 

Our client wanted a complete removal of everything including the roots so they can create a manicured lawn to accommodate their growing family. We turned up and ripped out the entire borderline and paths 

6 Apr 2022

Concreted re sealed inspection cover

We had a call about a foul smell coming from the inspection hatch, we found the seal to be in good order however the existing cracked concrete meant that there were gabe for the odour to escape. We broke all the old off, and replaces with new including giving it a polished side offering more protection from the elements 

2 Apr 2022

First Pergola of 2022!

A simple pergola with inlaid perspex offering the best protection on a budget, it was a sunny yet freezing day but we managed to get it done in quick time for the client 

23 Apr 2022

Large patio

New patio ready for the summer month, 600 x 600 slabs were used to create this enormous area ready for all the fun in the sun. Laid on dry mix then double sealed we are really proud of how quickly we got this one done 

29 Apr 2022

Picket fencline installation 

Large picket fence project allowing great sunlight through but also providing great protection and a privacy boundary 

1 May 2022

Garden kitchen start

Garden kitchen project, sited, materials on site, design ready 

1 May 2022

Brick plinths constructed ready for concrete

Brick piers now up, ready for concrete to be poured in creating the surface 

1 May 2022

Garden kitchen worktop pour

Poired concrete counter top for the garden kitchen setting 

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