Completed jobs, services 

14 Aug 2022

Across the line 

We managed to get one of our customers not just ready for their ISO9001 accreditation but in a position where there was never any doubt that they would smash it 

18 Jul 2022

A long week of fire compliance, from residential, commercial and everything inbetween 

We offer full fire compliance solutions for every walk of life. We take pride in our speed and efficiency with a great relationship with the fire services across Wiltshire and Dorset. We have a conversion rate of over 95% from reports to repairs required due to our very competitive rates 

12 Jul 2022

Late night kitchen install

Working through the night to get this kitchen fitted ready for the house to be sold the next day. After starting at 8pm we got away in the early hours before returning to complete the flooring 

5 Feb 2022

Now door handle and lock replacement

A quick door handle and locking mechanism, upgrading to a clean looking brass effect from a cracked tired white handle. We also do end of tenancy lock swaps and other lock smith jobs. 
24 Jan 2022

Raked out and re pointed fireplace

A messy but fun task of repointing a classic fire pit. Over time brickwork and mortar loses its strength and ability to repel water, not so much on this project but on exterior house walls. We reccomend that you have your mortar joints checked out no more than 50 years from your property construction. This interior job was for aesthetics only so we really showcased our finer touch ability. 
5 Jan 2022

Emergency plumbing and TMV replacement

Late night call four to a factory in Wiltshire to perform some emergency plumbing on a split pipe under a TMV. All sorted in a small time period without any down time 
10 Nov 2021

Drian tracing at a food factory

We were called in to trace a drain for a major desserts manufacturer in the South West. We equipped ourselves with food safe lumin dye and got to work. This task had to be completed on a weekend which we were happy to cater to
23 Nov 2021

Tap Replacement 

After being called to change a Tap gland (washer) we inspected the internals of the tap, it was found to be cracked and allowing a bypass of water around the gland. We managed to provide a new tap and deal with this issue within a couple of hours.
26 Nov 2021

Metering installations

Our commercial client wanted to know how much water their machines were using for an environmental impact report. This involved supplying and fitting both hot and cold water meters across the site, creation of the tracking spreadsheet and continued support for the site.